Section Name Description
The role of Satellites in Climate Monitoring File Satellite based climate data records

General introduction into satellite-based climate data records, and those provided by the CM SAF as well as some applications

Climate Monitoring SAF Data File Overview CM SAF Climate Data Records

Page CM SAF Thematic Climate Data Records

Detailed information about the CM SAF (Thematic) Climate Data Records (TCDR's).

Folder Content of this section as pdf to download

Content of this section as pdf to download

Search and Order CM SAF Data

CM SAF: Data Formats, Software Tools and Installation Page The File Formats NetCDF and Data Viewers


The CM SAF R toolbox

Page Installing R and R-Studio

Page Install R-Instat
Page R-Instat Tutorials

Information about tutorial

Land Surface Application SAF Data for Climate Applications File About LSA SAF

In this presentation you will learn:

  • what is the LSA SAF
  • who develops the LSA SAF products
  • what products are available from the LSA SAF

To listen to the audio open the pdf, on each slide place your mouse over the  button and start the audio by clicking on the play button .

File LSA SAF Products

In this presentation you will learn about:

  • some of the most relevant LSA SAF products
  • main characteristics of these products

LSA SAF Data Formats & Software Tools Page Introduction to MSG Toolbox

Here you can find a description about MSG toobox, its purpose and limitations.


Page Install MSG Toolbox

Install MSG toobox


Page Test MSG Toolbox

Test MSG toolbox


Page Install QGIS

Install QGIS


Page Prepare your environment

IPrepare your environment


Page QGIS Tutorial

This tutorial gives the instructions on how to open LSA SAF data in QGis software and extract data for give lat, lon locations.

Please note that to be able to open LSA SAF data in QGis you must first unzip the files!


Folder Scripts to download

You need to download the following files, before going through the QGIS tutorial:






Atmospheric Composition SAF Data Page Basic information on NO2 and H2O

From this section you can find basic information on NOand H2O and learn which kind of studies you can use the data for.

Page How to register to AC SAF data service

In this section you will learn how to register as a user to the DLR ATMOS data service. This is needed in order to download the data. 

Page How to download AC SAF data from DLR ATMOS data service

In this section you will learn how you can access the data via DLR ATMOS data service. 

The Copernicus Climate Data Store File Test python routine to extract ERA5 in the CDS toolbox
File Updated routine - allowing geographical selection
!!! Your Mini Project for the Classroom Session !!! Page Application Examples of CM SAF Data

Some Application Examples of CM SAF Data are provided here.

Page Application Examples of LSA SAF Data
File Drought impact on vegetation Activity (FVC)

Crop monitoring using FAPAR

File Crop Monitoring using FAPAR

Crop monitoring using FAPAR

File Template Mini Project Abstract
Classroom Phase Folder CM SAF R Toolbox Documents

Manual, CM SAF R Package Description, ...

Folder R-Instat Tutorial Documents
Folder LSA SAF Toolbox Documents

MSG Toolbax Manual and test tutorial

Folder QGIS for LSASAF data

Tutorials on how to prepare your Qgis environment before start working and a tutorial on how to import Qgis data into Qgis