Section: 2. Discover the data: TROPOMI Onboard Sentinel 5P | User workshop and training on fire monitoring products (2020) | EUMETSAT

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  • Welcome to the User Workshop and Training on Fire Monitoring

    An online event through interactive data discovery and user practices on state-of-the-art operational datasets for detection of fire, related emissions and impacts

    Jointly organized by EUMETSAT, CAMS-ECMWFAC SAFLSA SAF

    with support from Copernicus

      Data Discovery Week 
              11-15 May - Daily webinars with experts on datasets with interactive handling (open access).

      Data Discovery Resources
              A collection of videos and presentations of datasets designed for the training workshop, but open to all.     

              18-19 May - A two day workshop on practical workflows and user needs (for registered participants only).

2. Discover the data: TROPOMI Onboard Sentinel 5P

  • 2. Discover the data: TROPOMI Onboard Sentinel 5P

    This section provides you with an overview of Sentinel 5P - how you may access the data. In this course we will focus on Absorbing Aerosol Index (AAI) and CO TROPOMI S5P data. However, also other TROPOMI parameters, such as NO2 and HCHO can be accessed  and visualised using the instructions below. 

    • In this section you can find basic information on TROPOMI atmospheric observations relevant for fire monitoring.

    • In this section you can find basic information on Google Earth Engine and TROPOMI S5P data. 

    • In this section you will learn how to register as a user to Google Earth Engine. This is needed in order to use the satellite data.