Topic outline

  • The Colour of the Oceans

    Snapshot of globe showing ocean colour

  • Short Course Aims:

    In this short course you will learn:
    • What is meant by this term "ocean colour'.
    • Why the colour of the ocean matters.
    • How we measure ocean colour from satellite.

    We will also demonstrate how you can access and work with ocean colour data provided by EUMETSAT using CODA and Python Jupyter Notebooks.

    You can watch the recording of the short course here below:

  • Principles of Measuring Ocean Colour from Space - Background

     Banner for Ocean Colour in Jet colour scale  Video from the EUMETSAT MOOC "Monitoring the Oceans from Space" giving a 1-minute introduction to ocean colour data.

    Video from the EUMETSAT MOOC "Monitoring the Oceans from Space" discussing the benefit of Ocean Colour data in monitoring our oceans.

  • Accessing EUMETSAT Ocean Colour Data - Technical Background

    Accessing Copernicus Data through CODA

    Visualising Sentinel-3 Ocean Colour Data
  • Data processing and File Formats

    Within this topic we will look at the format of the Sentinel-3 marine data files, and the processing that takes place to get raw data measured by the satellite sensors down to a usable product.

    • Within this book you will find two chapters. The first covers the processing that takes place to generate the data that is ultimately received by users of the CMDS. The second chapter goes in to the format of these data files, and the information that can be extracted from them.

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