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  • Welcome to the series of how-to sessions on EUMETSAT Data Access Services & European Weather Cloud

    We present a series of regular online how-to sessions on the Data Access Services and their usage via GUIs and APIs. With this series we hope to increase the amount of users moving from the legacy data access services to the new Data Access Services (Data Store, Data Tailor, EUMETView) and by removing the technical challenges in using the GUIs, APIs and EUMETSATs Data Access Client (command-line interface and Python library). We are introducing you to the new features of our services, and explaining workflows and useful software to work efficiently with our data services. 

    How to get started?
    Browse a list of relevant resources that we use in our how-to sessions. It includes links to our knowledge bases, software, Jupyter Notebooks, and other materials that can help you learn and improve your skills working with our data access services.

    Join us for the next online training session
    Our how-to sessions are not a one-way street, we invite attendees to actively participate. We would like to invite you to ask us any questions you may have regarding our data access services in our sessions. Questions can be posted in at any time, which you can access using the event code #data-services or via the direct link. Each session requires registration via Zoom. Find the next sessions and register. 

    Missed a session?
    We record every session. Access past recordings.

Recordings of Data Tailor course

  • Recordings of Data Tailor course

    Session 1: Introduction to Data Tailor

    Session 2:  Data Tailor Web Service, basics

    Session 3:  Data Tailor Standalone, basics

    Session 4:  Data Tailor Web Service, advanced

    Session 5:  Data Tailor Standalone, advanced