Topic outline

  • Dust monitoring with satellite and ground-based observations

    Webinar with Federico Fierli (EUMETSAT), Sara Basart (BSC), Anu-Maija Sundstrom (FMI), Lucia Mona (CNR-IMAA) and Julia Wagemann (MEEO)

    6 April 2022, 12:00 UTC

    This short course will give you an introduction to dust monitoring and forecasting. The course will give you first a high-level introduction to data observations (ground-based and satellite) and model forecasts that can be used to monitor and forecast dust events. The high-level introduction is followed by a practical data discovery part. Focussing on one dust event, the practical part will practically introduce you to satellite-, ground- and model-based data.  For each dataset featured, you will get a practical hands-on introduction on how to access, process, visualize and interpret the dataset. 

    The course outline is as follows:

    • Part 1: High-level introduction to data observations and model forecasts (~ 30 min)
    • Part 2: Practical hands-on data discovery part (~ 55 min)
    • Q&A (~ 10 min)

    Note: course participants will be able to follow the practical data discovery part live via a dedicated training platform.

  • Recording and resources

    Recording of the webinar:


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