Weekly outline

  • 2 April - 8 April

  • 9 April - 15 April

  • 16 April - 22 April

    Using EUMDAC through CLI - Advanced

  • 23 April - 29 April

    Using EUMDAC through Jupyter Notebook

  • 30 April - 6 May

    Welcome to the final week of the EUMETSAT Data Access Client long course. In this week's webinar we will focus on some practical examples of how to use our tools to make targeted selections from the EUMETSAT marine data catalog. Below you will find our agenda for this session;

    For each use case, we will use a Jupyter Notebook that demonstrates our workflow. We will also introduce some Python code and introduce some system based tools to complete our task. You can find all the information you need to run each workflow in our ocean-case-studies repository, part of our ocean training code base. We will discuss the repository itself during the webinar.