The EUMETSAT Image Library was started in the 1990s as a tool for self-training in the use of satellite imagery. With contributions from more than 100 authors from around the world, the gallery has expanded rapidly in recent years and contains more than 1000 cases!

A typical case study includes several images that show the event and its evolution, often using different RGB composites or even images from different satellites. Full resolution images are always supplied, and in most case studies also animations. One section of the case study always guides an interested reader to further information, providing links to more images and to similar case studies.

As pre-reading material for the summer school, please, have a look at some specific cases. Use the dropdown box "Collection" and select Case Studies, then use the dropdown box "Feature", and select one of the following:

- Volcanic eruption
- Dust, Smoke
- Moisture or Airmass Boundary
- Severe Thunderstorm, Overshooting Top
- Clouds (Cirrus, Stratus, Ship Trail, Contrail, Distrail, Fog etc.)

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