Download and Install

R-Instat can be downloaded from here

R-Instat requires R 3.4.4 to be installed on your machine to run. Note that it is not currently compatible with R 3.5.0 or above. If you have these versions already, please install R 3.4.4.

You may already have R 3.4.4 installed from the previous section. If you have, then you can download R-Instat BASIC INSTALLER in the link above.

If not, then download R-Instat FULL INSTALLER in the link above and this will install R 3.4.4 for you at the same time.

R-Instat Installation Guide Please follow the installation guide when installing to ensure that you install R-Instat correctly.

Both the basic and full installers are quite large files and will require a good internet connection to download. However, once downloaded, no further internet is required.

If you cannot download R-Instat it will be provided in the workshop.

If you have any issues installing R-Instat, please post a message in the forum and someone will assist you.

Mac & Linux Users

Note that R-Instat is currently a Windows only application. If you do not have access to a Windows machine you can still use R-Instat on a Mac or Linux through use of a Virtual Windows machine. If you need help installing a virtual Windows machine, please post a message in the forum and we will assist you.


You may have seen RStudio mentioned in an earlier section. This is a good way to use R if you want to write scripts and commands. You do not need RStudio to be able to use R-Instat, but it will be useful during this workshop and afterwards. It can be downloaded from here

After Installing

Now move on to the next section showing how to run R-Instat for the first time and getting started working with data.

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