The CM SAF R TOOLBOX is an easy-to-use tool to prepare, analyze and visualize CM SAF NetCDF data. The Toolbox offers a collection of more than 60 operators for analysis and manipulation of CM SAF NetCDF formatted data. The CM SAF R Toolbox is based on a R-shiny graphical user interface, which guides through all options. Thus, no R or scripting experience is needed.


Basic Climate Analysis using the CM SAF R Toolbox
A helpful source on working with the Toolbox might be the recently started series of CM SAF R Toolbox Cheat Sheets.

1) from tar to nc (2) calculate a climatological mean (3) calculate an anomaly

Example: How to create monthly anomalies of sunshine duration
This tutorial video shows as an example how to create an anomaly of sunshine duration using the CM SAF R Toolbox. This might be an inspiration for your own little project for the hands-on session.

More on the CM SAF R Toolbox

A lot of information material is available to make the start with the CM SAF R Toolbox as easy as possible. Besides the introductive video, there is a manual for the Toolbox as well as for the cmsaf R-package, a Questions & Answers document and a flyer

Probably the best way to start with CM SAF data and the CM SAF R Toolbox is the COMET e-learning module, which we highly recommend. It takes about 1 hour to complete the COMET module.

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