Topic outline

  • A climate data record of "sunshine", SARAH

    This short course introduces the SARAH Climate Data Record generated and provided by the Satellite Application Facility on Climate Monitoring (CM SAF). The course is accompanied by CM SAF R Toolbox training material that allows you to practically work with the data presented.
    The short course consists of three parts, two live sessions and a 2-hour break in between to allow you time to explore the data. We invite you to share and discuss your results using the CM SAF SARAH data record on the CM SAF-padlet (for student - see link to Padlet below)

    with Jörg Trentmann, Uwe Pfeifroth, Steffen Kothe and Christine Träger-Chatterjee

    Wednesday, 28 October 2020

    The first webinar will provide insights into the SARAH Climate Data Record on Surface Solar Radiation and will introduce the ways to access and to analyse the data. During the feedback session, we will discuss open questions and provide feedback. Please engage and ask questions during the webinars via

    To prepare yourself for the self-paced data exploration please refer to section "Course preparation" and follow the instructions;  in particular it would be very valuable to install the required software and download some data prior to the Course.

    Link to the CM SAF-padlet

  • Course preparation

  • SARAH - A Climate Data Record for Surface Radiation

  • Working with SARAH (and other CM SAF data)

    The Climate Data Record (CDR) SARAH (and most other CM SAF data) is provided in cf-compliant NetCDF format. Thus, any software capable of handling NetCDF data can be used.

    The CM SAF R Toolbox was specifically developed for climatological time series analysis of NetCDF data. An overview on the CM SAF R Toolbox and some functionalities are provided in the section "The CM SAF R Toolbox."

    To familiarize with the SARAH CDR, we encourage you to go through the cheat sheets "Basic Climate Analysis using the CM SAF R Toolbox" provided below.

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